We guarantee all papers on registered puppies. We guarantee all puppies to have had all treatments and vaccinations as stated on their health records.  We make no guarantee of a puppy's adult size, color, disposition, show or breeding quality.  We make no guarantee of a puppies dna, only AKC stock dna is guaranteed.




The first vet appointment and all future vet appointments are the customer's responsibility.  The customer is required to have their own vet examine their puppy at their own expense within 48 hours of purchase.  If anything arises that is minor (i.e., Coccidia, deworming) it is a very simple fix and inexpensive treatment provided by your vet that we will cover the medication for.  If anything major arises please contact us immediately to discuss exchange, refund or vet bill.  If the customer does not wish to have their puppy examined by their own vet within the 48 hours, they are agreeing to take the puppy AS IS at the time of sale with no warranty.  WE WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PUPPIES NOT SEEN BY A VET WITHIN 48 HOURS OF PURCHASE.  PLEASE DO YOUR VET APPOINTMENT.  Puppy Kingdom will not take responsibility for any birth defects, inherited conditions, or an unhealthy puppy that is not detected within the allowed 48 HOUR warranty time frame.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SUNDAYS AS NO VETS ARE OPEN ON SUNDAY.


The customer is responsible for booking all vet appointments including the 48 hour warranty vet appointment required.  The customer is responsible to know if any person in their household has any dog allergies before purchase.  The customer is responsible to know of the time and cost it takes to care for a puppy before purchase.  The customer is responsible to be aware if a puppy can live in their residence before purchase.  The customer is responsible to follow all puppy care instructions.  The customer is responsible to keep the puppy updated with all future health needs by a licensed vet.

We do not accept the return of puppies for any reason other than our 48 hour health warranty.  Puppies will remain healthy and alive if all care instructions and future vet appointments are followed.  Having a puppy makes you responsible for their life, take special care of them.

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Any amount over the deposit is refundable if you DID NOT purchase the puppy.  Please be 100 percent sure before placing a deposit.